National Healthcare Food Services Week

This week is National Healthcare Food Services Week! We would like to applaud our nutrition and food service professionals for their hard work and dedication on the job. Our food service staff is important to the entire healthcare team. Many of these employees work long hours, in sometimes difficult conditions to help provide our patients and residents nutritious meals every day.

First Row: Sharon, Barbara, Brandon, Arthur, Sharon, Jasmin, Melinda
Second Row: Donald, Cheryl, Mary, Nakita

Many tasks go into hospital food service, including managing inventory, prepping items for recipes, cooking and assembling food trays. In addition to serving breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria, the food service staff serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all patients in their rooms each day. The staff also plans and executes catering services for events and meetings throughout the hospital.

At UNC Lenoir, the food service staff works closely with nutritionists and dietitians to make sure that all patient needs are being met. Each patient sees a nutritionist or dietitian within 24 hours of admittance to our hospital. The food service staff offers a variety of meal options for many different diets, including diabetic, cardiac, and soft diets. Patients receive a menu and can customize each meal to their tastes, helping to improve the patient’s overall hospital experience.

Nestled in the heart of Lenoir County, UNC Lenoir’s mission is to ensure exceptional healthcare to the people we serve. We are a not-for-profit hospital dedicated to the community we serve by offering quality inpatient, outpatient and preventive healthcare services that are close to home.

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