National Physical Therapy Month

Did you know that October is National Physical Therapy Month? We would like to thank our Physical Therapy department for all that they do every day to improve the health, mobility, and quality of life for the patients they serve.

Kit, Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is used to treat people of all ages with injuries and diseases using therapeutic exercise and other hands-on techniques. Physical therapy is required when health problems make it difficult to move around and perform everyday tasks. The physical therapist’s goal is to help the patient return to their previous normal movement in joints and muscles and make everyday tasks easier.

Sheila, Physical Therapist

At UNC Lenoir, we employ Physical Therapists, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants and Physical Therapy Techs. Patients work with our skilled physical therapists, either in their hospital room or the physical therapy gym, to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet individual goals and needs for rehabilitation for orthopedic conditions, total joint rehab, wound care, neurological conditions (including stroke), and much more.

Sharon, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy almost always includes exercise, like stretching, core exercises, weight lifting, and walking. Therapists may also use devices such as prosthetics, orthotics, ultrasound, or even electrical current. With the help of our dedicated physical therapy staff, patients improve balance and coordination, experience less pain, increase mobility, and improve strength and endurance.

UNC Lenoir Physical Therapy Gym

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